sea horizon line

The sea is usually perceived as a dynamic force, constantly in motion. Whilst this is true on a small scale, it also has a permanence and serenity when viewed over a longer time period. The defining horizon line between sea and sky is often difficult to perceive and I have emphasized it in this image by the use of a long exposure of approximately 1 minute which serves to blur both the waves and cloud motion.

It's not actually a wide-angle shot, but the 3:1 aspect ratio of the print gives that effect. Captured on Fujichrome Provia 100 film with a whole stack of ND filters in front of the lens to reduce the amount of light & enable the long exposure time. It wouldn't have worked but for a heavy tripod & the most amazingly perfect and calm summer's day that I've ever encountered in Devon!

This was the best of many attempts, after various buoys, boats and wildlife drifted into the frame...

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