Solargrams chart the passage of the sun through the sky.   The image is built up over the period of exposure which can range from several days to a year, or more.  Time is compressed; people are excluded yet landscape features leave their mark. Trees show an amalgamation of their winter structure and summer foliage, flexing branches become blurred.   The arbitrary colours are purely the result of the process...

Further information about creating solargrams with pinhole cameras

mid wales

solargram ryb03   sunrise 2012-07-19...2012-12-08
5 litre paint can camera mounted on the eastern apex of my barn wall

solargram ryb02   midday sun 2012-07...2012-12
film canister camera facing due south on garden wall
Rain entered the camera during the 5 month exposure and caused the emulsion to disintegrate
and mould to form on the paper: another indication of the passage of time...


This group relates to CODA - The Hazelford Project , in which I had some peripheral involvement.
Visitors to the site in May 2013 saw the pinhole cameras in situ, but the images themselves took several months to create...

Right: looking out from a hollow apple tree.
Fortuitously, the opening faced west, perfect to catch the afternoon sun.
[Film canister camera: 2013-05-22 ... 2013-10-12]

Below: a wide angle view through the tangled tee branches surrounding the site. Also looking west.
[1 litre paint can camera: 2013-05-22 ... 2013-10-12]

Bottom: view due south from a central tree.
A mysterious autumnal halo surrounds the distant objects.
[film canister camera: 2013-10-12 ... 2013-12-30]

summer solstices

solargram tbd08   2017 midsummer sunrise through the Blackstone Hay Rake, Trembyd, Mid Wales.
[film canister camera: 2017-06-11...2017-07-01]

solargram dgf05   2016 midsummer sunrise over Drygarn Fawr in the ancient heart of Wales.
[film canister camera: 2016-06-16...2016-06-30]

solargram dgf01   2015 Drygarn Fawr, mid Wales (640m). (the top of the cairn is just visible at the lower edge)
[360° paint can camera: 2015-06-11 ... 2015-06-30]
The camera has 3 pinholes spaced 120° apart. These face S (clipped trace), NW & NE (approximately)
& collect (almost) all of the sunlight in the day in 3 overlaid traces. A taller camera would prevent the midday cut off.
I think of this as another version of all the light!

solargram tbd05   2015 sunrise, Trembyd, mid Wales (450m)
[film canister camera: 2015-06-16 ... 2015-06-28]

solargram har01   2013 midsummer sunset, Hartland, Devon
[film canister camera: 2013-06-18...2013-06-25]


solargram har03   Brenda's garden, Hartland, Devon (For pinhole day 2015)
[film canister camera: 2015-01-02 ... 2015-04-26 ]


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