Website Update
The website is undergoing an update... Some things have been rearranged for easier navigation, and other changes have been made as part of a gradual migration to HTML5. If some pages looks peculiar in places, please bear with me as I slowly rewrite & transfer the table-based layout to HTML5/CSS.
Also, I'm in the process of adding a section for nature sound recordings. I will require additional bandwidth for this, so it might take a while to put in place. More info to follow in due course...


Pinhole Day
Gosh, the years come around quickly! So here's my image for this year's global event: www.pinholeday.org


Pinhole Day
This year's Pinhole Day is dedicated to founder Gregg Kemp (1947-2016) whose visionary project continues to unite pinhole photographers around the globe. My contribution is here: www.pinholeday.org
And, since I forgot, here's last year's contribution, too: www.pinholeday.org


I don't like flags. By definition they signify boundaries as much as unions. But how does one emphasise the union of people who live, work and play together on the surface of our small blue planet? The union of people who look outwardly and see, not geographical or political boundaries, nor colour of human skin, but a shared identity & commonality of purpose. To this end, I have decided to put the world unity flag on the front page. Further info at worldunityflag.net
Edit 2018. I really dislike flags so much that even the world unity one has had to go! It's also a bit fussy & there's too much colour. But my sentiments expressed above still stand.


Amidst the turmoil...
...it is reassuring to know that the earth continues to rotate around the sun. And that this is apparent from wherever we stand: the same today as a century ago.
One of this year's midsummer solargrams is here.


Pinhole solargram website page added
This ongoing project now has its own page here


It's "Pinhole Day" again.
This year I submitted a 4 month solargram.   Direct link to image at www.pinholeday.org


Website update
A couple more Devon projects now (finally!) on line: Manhole Covers of Mortehoe & The Listening Garden
Also, I've just signed up to Soundcloud as a means of hosting a few sound samples.  The embedded player looks pretty cool!  By way of an update, I've used it to host some longer extracts of the ripple tank montage from "Art on the Rocks" a few years ago.  Note that Soundcloud are having a few issues with excessive demand @ present, mainly during the peak hours of 5-11pm when all the kids are checking out their fave bands...


"Road Movie 52nd Parallel" - Milton Keynes Exhibition
The full set of 127 photographs will be on display at University Centre Milton Keynes, 200 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1LT. from 25th June - 13th July 2012. Opening hours: 8.30am - 8.30pm Mon-Thurs; 8.30am - 5pm Friday; Closed weekends. The exhibition will also include a 40 minute "behind the scenes" audio journal played back on a continuous loop - Listen in for a minute or two, or stay a little longer and enjoy a coffee from the adjacent cafe.


Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
As always, the last Sunday in April marks the annual WPPD when photographers around the globe dust off their pinhole cameras, or build them anew, & get out there (weather permitting...) to create all manner of unusual images to delight the eye. For the most part, it's a feast of the imaginative possibilities of low-tech imagery and a real antidote to the kind of predictability & perfection achievable with modern digital cameras. My contribution to this year's event can be seen at www.pinholeday.org alongside the work of around 3000 other photographers. This is the 11th year of the online WPPD festival and long may it continue!


"About The Land" exhibition update
Just back from our 2 week Devon extravaganza, & relieved that everything went pretty much according to plan. On my part, sounds were gathered, layered, regurgitated & AFAIK only one person was frightened away. (We'll have to try harder next time..) Since I now have a huge vault (about 200 hours) of sound recordings captured during day & night at the sculpture garden, I'll endeavour to re-create some kind of sound collage during the frozen winter months. At least a section of this should eventually find its way here. "Watch this space" as they say.
Right now we'd all (that's Brenda, Claire, Hayley & myself) like to shout a huge THANK YOU to Rinus & Aniet @ Broomhill for their ongoing support & trailblazing enthusiasm for something a bit different in North Devon! Also thanks to all of our hundreds of visitors who popped in to see & hear what we were up to:)

flyer     flyer


Exhibition dates announced


I'll be showing recent visual/photographic work, including selected images & project documentation from "Road Movie - 52nd parallel" together with a site-specific sound installation which I'm hoping will gradually evolve during the course of the week...
Check out www.broomhillart.co.uk for info on the gallery, sculpture gardens & hotel.


"Road Movie - 52nd Parallel" Exhibition now online
Last summer's mystery project reveals itself (& not before time...)
Journeying across the widest point of mainland Britain: a pinhole camera odyssey. View the exhibition


It's Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day again!
And here's a direct link to my contribution to this year's event at www.pinholeday.org. While you're there, do check out some of the other fun, inspiring & perplexing images which abound!


A new project begins to unfold...
... in the form of a cross-country road trip from St David's to Harwich.
More info shortly.


Exhibition "Walk of Art" 11-13 September 2009
Broomhill Art, Barnstaple, North Devon
See www.broomhillart.co.uk for directions, etc.
A joint show with Brenda Jet, Duncan Cameron & Claire Winfield. This is a snapshot of our ever evolving North Devon project, this time concentrating on the inland spaces around Exmoor. I'll be showing a few blurry, long exposure, pinhole photographs documenting our activities & a few other pinhole images as take my fancy. There will also be installation, painting, projections & a whole pile of notebooks and other material relating to the creative process.


Worldwide pinhole photography day is upon us again, and with it another submission. See my photo & loads more inspiring shots by pinhole camera users worldwide at www.pinholeday.org
There will also be quite a few more of my pinhole photos on display at Broomhill in North Devon in September. More details soon.


Pinhole Day. This year I finally got around to making some pinhole photographs on "Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day". You can see one of my photos on the pinhole day website and, while you're there, do have a look through some of the 2000 or so other photographs, all of which were made on April 27th, this year.

If you're interested in taking part next year, all you have to do is produce a pinhole image on the last sunday of April 2009. But if you've no idea what a pinhole camera is, don't worry, now's the time to dig out old cardboard boxes, bits of film and read up on what to do. There's plenty of information on line, and a good place to start is www.pinholeday.org. Just click on the "Resources" link on the main page. Happy pinholing!


Overdue update! At long last stage 1 of the collected light project has made it to the website. I'm saying "stage 1" because there's more in the pipeline. Quick link to page


Collecting light... If the countryside has seemed rather dark of late, it's because I've been collecting all of the light in a particular patch. Each day during October, my light-collection apparatus has been working away, and I now have 31 individual "packets of light" neatly documented and stashed away. More info shortly...


Sound samples have arrived! I've just put up a few excerpts from the soundtrack which drove the "ripple tank" installation at last summer's AOR exhibition. They're not stand-alone works, but were put together as an amusing sound collage - after all, we had to sit there listening to them on auto-repeat for several days... These are just 30 second fragments in "glorious" 64k mp3 sound, but at least they should download reasonably quickly even without a broadband connection! Quick link to page


Welcome to the revamped website.

During the "Art on the Rocks" show in Devon last summer a great many of our visitors commented on the fact that we'd made a wealth of background information available, and that it offered a useful insight into the creative process.   Following this I've decided to carry the idea across onto my website as part of the redesign.   For most of the images here, I've added a few comments or snippets of information about the processes involved; sometimes related photos & other stuff, too.   Just click on the individual images and see where it takes you...