The apparatus consists of an acrylic framework and water tray together with a mechanical arangement for dunking the print.

A motor driven winch raises & lowers the paper according to a timing cycle set by an electronic control module.

The timing of the cycle is preset to work most successfully with the blotting paper chosen: 1 hour absorption followed by 2 hours drying. Although this remains constant, the visible "tide mark" in the print varies slightly with the quantity of ink in the image and the ambient air temperature & humidity.


Revealing my engineering background, the motor is controlled by a PIC electronic microcontroller chip, some internal software & a few additional components.

I guess a similar effect could have been achieved with a clockwork mechanism, but the advantage of the electronic control is that I can easily change the timing cycle to achieve different effects, or compensate for the varying absorbtion rates of different types of blotting paper.

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