Choice of image is not specific, and it's interesting to see what happens. Here, I have used a grid of photographs of "human identifiers" in the form of carvings in the walls of a cave, sand drawings and felt-tip marker tags.

All markings, which date from 1885 to 2006, collected from the Lee Bay area.

Blotting paper print before processing...

during processing...

& final image after drying.

experiments july 2005


The first experiment using my photographic inkjet printer to produce an image on blotting paper proved only how water resistant the image was, with no effect at all after 90 minutes immersed in water!

I then dug out an older machine which uses water-based inks, and the results are shown here in this notebook extract. The blotting paper used in the final prints is much more absorbent than the scrap which I tested in this experiment.

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