I collected all of the light falling on a particular patch of the earth for the whole of the month of October 2007.
Each of the 31 sheets of photographic paper received a complete day's light, from midnight to midnight.

Sheaf of 31 sheets of exposed & processed photographic paper, each having received "all of the light" during a single day in October 2007.

Close-up image showing all 31 sheets.

Light collection began at 00:00 on 1st October 2007 when the first sheet of Ilford MGIV paper was clipped into the frame. Subsequently, at midnight each day for tne remainder of the month, the exposed sheet was replaced with a new one. The last sheet was removed at midnight on 31st October.

All 31 sheets of paper were processed on 1st November to reveal the effects of the light exposure. Predictably, each sheet is completely black, although each one has received a unique and time-specific bunch of photons to create the effect.

Because of the extreme over-exposure to light which each sheet of paper receives, it begins to visibly darken even before chemical development. This can be seen in the photograph on the left where the paper has taken on a distinct pink hue. It's also possible to see the efects of moisture ingress which has caused further darkening towards the edges of the sheet.

Apparatus for collecting the light,
one morning after heavy dew.

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